History of K Desktop Environment

A little about history and development of the KDE…

Software which facilitates comprehensible graphical desktop environment is known as K Desktop Environment or KDE. This software is free and facilitates primary desktop functions. All basic and necessary tools are provided to the developers for documentation. It supports many stand-alone applications. Many applications works on the principle of KDE like Amarok, KOffice, K3b and KDevelop. This graphical software is well known for its ease, modern functionality and stupendous graphics.

This software was by Matthias Ettrich in 1996. This software came into being because Matthias Ettrich was bothered by UNIX desktop. His primary foreboding was that the not an iota application of UNIX desktop was up to the mark. In order to overcome this hassle in his development, he proposed to develop software which would overcome all the limitations and ensure easy, and simple working. He not only decided to form few applications but the whole desktop environment. It provided a good working environment to the users which improved then work and made them feel good without fail. He wanted to develop desktop software which will be user friendly so that people with basic knowledge could make use of it. Before the KDE was initiated a Usenet was posted which incited interest in people. For people to have nice and beautiful free desktop environment this software came into being.

There are many applications like panel, file manager, east text editor, hyper text help system, games, image viewer, documentation and much more. Qt toolkit is used to make the application and finally this application was there in the market in 1997. Earlier this software was not free but in 1988 it became free under licenses GNU GPL and QPL. This desktop application is the best and caters the need of all types of professionals. KDE is convenient to be used by accounting professionals and even the scientists. This software is quite popular and is widely used by vast number of people. KDE enjoys the monopoly in the market and is the most reliable and steadfast.

KDE aids in making the fashionable desktop beautiful and attractive. With the use of KDE transparency of network is facilitated, and there is minimum need arrangement. One can have the feel of consistency with the use of KDE. As it widely used it, therefore, it exists in almost 50 languages. Standardized toolbars are available which makes the work interesting like color-scheme, menus, keybindings and toolbars. KDE technology makes use of avant-garde technology.

One of its important software is KOffice which is integrated software to meet out all the needs for hassle free working of the office. This software comprises word sheet, presentation manager, organizer, spread-sheet manager and much more. Also a powerful planning tool is available to make the tiresome work of planning and management namely KPlato. Kexi is one of the applications which facilitate easy and better management of the databases.

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