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If you are facing a problem with your desktop or fed up of your old desktop items, you can have the benefits of an easy and simple desktop environment. KDE is a software program that has been launched to meet the requirements of those who want to have a graphical environment that has an easy-to-use desktop. The KDE project aims to offer desktop features and functions so that the needs of the users can be easily catered. Moreover, various tools are also provided for the developers so that they can write applications which have the capacity of ‘stand alone’.

There are various applications that come under the shelter of KDE and based on KDE technologies. The list of these applications includes KDevelop, K3b, KOffice, Akregator and KMail. Now it is important to learn about the various KDE applications so as to work efficiently and conveniently. The following applications are the major ones that contribute in creating excellent opportunities for the users.

1 KMail: It is a KDE e-mail client application that helps in supporting the folders, viewing international sets and HTML mail and filtering. Moreover, it has the ability of sending mail through sendmail or SMTP.

2 Akregator: This application of KDE is an open source aggregator that performs the function of supporting Atom and RSS. The feeds that are present are stored in various categories so that this application can aggregate these feeds to put them in a single category. Like, if there are sports news, they can be put under the category of ‘News’ so that the users can easily locate the required category. This application can be attached for fetching the feeds and the users have the benefit of fetching the topics as individual feed or as a particular category.

3 Amarok: This free music player software of KDE is a popular one and is used for Linux and various varieties of UNIX. The components of the desktop environment are used by this software but it is released separately from other KDE softwares. Other than playing music files, Amarok also performs the function of library of music and arranging them into a folder so that the user can easily locate the category and play the music of their choice whenever needed or desired.

4 KDevelop: It is a free IDE. It has the license of GPL and it works for Linux and GNU. This application does not have the service to include a compiler. But KDevelop uses GNU Compiler Collection. The function of this application is to use a fixed text editor. This editor component is used through the technology of KPart.

5 KPresenter: It is a presentation program that is free and a part of the KOffice. It is a native format which is specially compressed with ZIP. The application has the ability to load the presentations from Magicpoint, Microsoft Power Point and

Thus, the applications of KDE are an important part that serves the purpose of providing full satisfaction to the users so that they can have a user-friendly environment to work on their computers.

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