What Applications are Available with Unix K Desktop Environment

Part of what makes KDE so wonderful is that it offers a range of applications. These applications help to make Unix easier to use and more useful.

Unix, in the past, was a difficult operating system to operate. It was something that required some technical knowledge because the Unix system was not very organized or streamlined. It also didn’t have the features that common operating systems, like Microsoft and Macintosh, did.

With K Desktop Environment Unix now is quite comparable to those systems. A lot of this has to do with the available applications that are all similar to the popular applications used on Windows or Macintosh systems.

K Desktop Environment has applications that both help with functionality and those that provide commonly needed functions.

KDE has various run-time libraries, an analog sound daemon, base components and administration tools which will help to increase use and ease of operation.

There are also application that provide tools like a calculator, address book, organizer and even games.
Applications also include accessibility programs for people with disabilities, just like the other operating systems.

KDE has almost every application a user could want. There are art programs and even an office program that provides tools like a spreadsheet, slideshow presenter and word processor.

K Desktop Environment has a program that also makes creating applications easy. This used to be one of the biggest problems with the Unix operating system

There are also a number of other applications that may not have been released yet, but that are in development or that are available for separate download. There is the KDE-Extragear which are a group of applications that can be downloaded separate from the KDE download. These applications provide additional software for running KDE.

KDE also has the Konqueror browser which is used to browse the internet. It is strictly designed for Unix operating systems and is as functional and usably as other popular browsers.

One of the best things about KDE is that it can be customized. The configuration and the included applications are all something that can be chosen based upon the users preferences.

Additionally, user preferences for things like clicking speed and the look of the desktop are also customizable.

KDE is designed to be parallel to the systems found with Microsoft and Macintosh. KDE allows users to get all the advantages of Unix without the hassles of the past. All the available applications makes Unix work just like the other operating systems.

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