Why KDE is Beter Than Previous Technologuy -Part2

K Desktop Environment is also a freeware project which means it is completely free to users. It has been developed through a network of different developers who mostly volunteer their time to work on the project. It is easily accessed through more than 17 www mirrors and more than 106 FTP mirrors which serve more than 50 countries. So it’s really easily available online.

KDE was designed to make Unix as popular as Microsoft or Macintosh systems. With Unix being, before KDE, a difficult to use system, users often by passed it for the more well-known and easier to use systems of Microsoft and Macintosh.

With K Desktop Environment, though, Unix has a desktop that now resembles those of Microsoft or Macintosh desktops. KDE functions much like these other systems, bringing familiarity to users. And it’s a very intuitive and easy to use interface, what makes the former two desktop solutions hugely popular.

Unix is a very stable system that until the introduction of K Desktop Environment was something that could only be understood and easily used by technically savvy users. Now with KDE Unix is made simple to use for anyone.

The average user can approach a Unix system and be able to use it as easily as they would a Windows or Macintosh system. The familiar look and feel is there that they are used to, so Unix no longer seems like something foreign and difficult.

KDE has been able to do something that previous applications and software has been unable to do. It has made Unix mainstream and something the average computer user can actually use.

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