Why KDE is Better Than Previous Technology

K Desktop Environment was developed with the idea of making Unix easier to use. When compared with previous technology KDE helps to streamline and make it easier to use Unix operating systems – this resembles Windows desktop.

The previous desktop softwares were difficult to use and often hard to understand. They lacked a common help desk and there was no common application development. Additionally authoring applications was hard and time consuming.

K Desktop Environment fixes these issues by bringing to the table usability and function. KDE has a design that is similar to Windows or Macintosh desktops. It looks good and familiar. It requires minimal configuration and has an integrated help desk feature.

KDE is also consistent in both look and operation. It also has standard tool bars and color schemes. It also features a wide range of applications.

K Desktop Environment is also available in more than 50 different languages, making is very universal for use all over the world. Just as other major operating systems, KDE makes Unix a product the world can use.

More great KDE features will be reviewd and explain in futher articles on our K Desktop Environment blog, so stay tuned…

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