Some info about KDE Applications

If you are facing a problem with your desktop or fed up of your old desktop items, you can have the benefits of an easy and simple desktop environment. KDE is a software program that has been launched to meet the requirements of those who want to have a graphical environment that has an easy-to-use [...]

KDE packaging, looks and feel

Hey, Unix users,
Have you got bored by looking at your slow, dull looking and boring desktop? Well then don’t fret as KDE offers you the solution for all your desktop problems. KDE primarily stands for K Desktop Environment and it is desktop software especially designed for UNIX workstations. Primarily the software is designed [...]

Technological innovations in KDE

KDE (K desktop environment) technology is a graphical user interface (GUI) which can be used on Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows and UNIX systems. KDE has chosen to develop its platform upon the UNIX system so as to improve application integration. The UNIX systems had started of as character user interface (CUI). To enhance this user interface between the user and the software KDE chose the UNIX platform as it could express its desktop environment more dynamically through this system. Since its conception it has generated many applications for the desktop environment.

KDE Simple Overview

We are asked many time per day, “what is K Desktop Environment anyways and why everyone in the Unix world is talking about it”? Well, we prepared a simple overview of KDE for you that gives you a fair idea about this thing.
KDE or K Desktop Environment is a software system that aspires to become [...]

More Tips to Increase KDE Performance

Another way to make KDE run better and faster is to run minimal applications at a time. Having too many applications take up the computers resources and can make KDE run slowly – just like any other desktop system.
Removing unneeded program from the auto start program will help to speed up the start up [...]

How to Get the Best Performance with KDE

For K Desktop Environment users it can be both exciting and annoying to wait for the new, optimized versions to come out. While waiting, though, users can take full advantage of the version they have by following some tips to make their KDE operate at its best.
One of the major things a user can [...]

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