Games are meant for fun and enjoyment

What are games? Basically games are for fun and enjoyment. Both children and adolescents play these games. Nowadays there are online games and with the help of Internet facility these games can be easily downloaded. People enjoy these games during their leisure time. Games play as an escape from reality at some time. This [...]

KDE Architecture

K Desktop Environment is constructed with Qt toolkit provided by Trolltech. It functions on both Unix-type structure and UNIX. It also works on Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X. Qt 3.x version forms the basis of KDE 3 series. Similarly, more modernized version KDE 4 works on Qt 4.x. The applications of this version run [...]

History of K Desktop Environment

A little about history and development of the KDE…
Software which facilitates comprehensible graphical desktop environment is known as K Desktop Environment or KDE. This software is free and facilitates primary desktop functions. All basic and necessary tools are provided to the developers for documentation. It supports many stand-alone applications. Many applications works on the principle [...]

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