Choosing Between A Games Console And Gaming On A PC

If you like to play computer/video games then you may be asking the question of which is better a games console or games on the PC. This is a fiercely debated topic and there are some good points made by both sides of the argument. This article aims to help you decide by presenting both sides of the argument.


Games Consoles and the Benefits of Buying One


- As long as you have a game ready then you can play immediately. You may find however with a PC that you need to add some modifications to your PC to enable you to play games on it. You may have to have a new graphics card added to your computer so that you can play specific games.


- A game console is built specifically for playing games and it does this job perfectly. A PC on the other hand does not have one specific job; it is used for many different things.


- Using a games console does really provide a lot more enjoyment because it is so practical; some would say that those insisting on using a PC to play games are stuck in the past.


PC Games the Benefits of Using this Platform


- You are tied to one platform when you have a games console. Eventually this platform will become old fashioned and the developers will stop making new games. You will then be left with something that only plays old games. But a PC will not go out of date and almost all new games will come out for the PC too.


- If you opt for PC gaming, then you can actually build your own computer to your own specifications. If you speak to any serious gamer, they will tell you that games consoles are just for kids and that the real way to play games is on a PC.


- It is actually cheaper to play PC games than it is to buy a games console and the games.


So there you have both sides of the argument. What you decide in the end will be all about what you personally prefer.


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