Console Game Testing And How I Found Work Doing This

When I tell my friends that I make my living testing console games I can tell they are jealous. This emotion usually gets worse when they find out that I earn quite a bit of money doing this; in fact most of the time it is more than they are earning. They believe that I should not be getting paid more than them to play games when they are working all day to earn their money. What they fail to realise is that I also work very hard. My friends also forget that they could have been doing the same job as me if they had chosen it because most of them are gamers or were at one stage.


How I Found Work As A Game Tester


When I left school at sixteen years old, I did not really have any qualifications. I played games all the time then because I’d nothing else to do; I couldn’t find a job. After some time I joined an online gaming forum and this was where I heard about game testing; as you can imagine I was intrigued. But when I realised that I needed to be skilled at writing I was a bit disappointed. I was not particularly good at writing but I decided that I was not going to let this stop me. I spent almost all my time learning to improve my writing skills and to find out all I could about the world of game testing.

The first jobs I secured as a game tester was with a game testing community on the internet. Although I did not earn very much doing this work, I was able to network and build up some experience and this was very important. I did this for about a year and after that I was able to get some jobs freelancing where the pay was much better. I’ve never looked back and my salary increases every few months and I’m turning projects down almost every day.


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